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Drapery & Backdrops

Drapery & Backdrops

Drapery and Backdrops add a unique drama to your event space that truly take your event design to higher heights.  Our drapery and backdrop options include design that will provide a styled presence to any stage, altar, sweetheart table, cake area, and lounge setting.

Our options include:

Paper Flower Wall

Luxury Sweetheart Canopy

Multi-Color Ceiling Swag

Square Canopy

Steele Arch

Diamond Bead Curtain

        Vintage Marquee Arch         (Letters are Customizable)

Stone Henge Cabana

Circle Drape

Ivory String Curtain

LED Screen

                        Stage Drape                        (Velour, Satin, Sheer & Banjo)

                  Digital Backdrop                (w/ customizable image)

Vintage Swag Backdrop

Tufted Wall

     String & Bubble Curtain

Square Arch

Yellow Hand Painted Backdrop

Photo Backdrop

Birthday Photo Backdrop

             Tassel Drapery           (Available in Gold and Maroon)

Crystal Ceiling Drapery

Aluminum Chain Curtain

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