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What is Backline?
Backline is another word for gear or equipment used by musicians and DJs during musical performances. Backline equipment can include all types of instruments and equipment from guitars, keyboards, organs, drum kits, disc jockey turntables, to effects modules and various percussion instruments. Many traveling musicians prefer not to carry their own backline for fear of damage or theft, which makes renting backline equipment while on tour an attractive option.

How do I know what backline the performance requires?
Prior to a performance, the agent, manager, or artist (performer/band/DJ) should make contact with the event organizer (promoter, venue or production manager), to discuss the backline needs of the artist. The event organizer will need to know what the artist is bringing with them in terms of instruments, mics, amps, etc., and what they will need the event organizer to provide. The event organizer will also need the 'technical rider' to know the technical specifications/requirements for the artist.

We carry:

  • DJ Equipment (Technics, CDJ's, Pioneer & Rane Products)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Effects Units
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